All Levels - Gymnastics:


A. 10 min. HS practice


B. 3 Rounds for quality:

40 Shoulder taps

20 Kip swings on the bar

10 Kipping pull-ups


C. Every 15 sec. for 10 min.:

2 Strict C2B's

*** If you fail switch to regular pull-ups. If you fail again switch to ring rows. ***



All Levels - Conditioning:


"Triple three"

For time:

3k Row

300 DU's

5k Run



Advanced Class:


A. EMOM 10 min. (alt.):

20-30 sec. Freestanding HS hold

2-4 Strict MU's


B. For time (mainsite workout):


Burpees over the bar

Front squats 185/125 lbs



C. 3 Rounds:

10 One arm DB press left

10 Ring rows

10 One arm DB press right

10 Ring rows