All Levels:

In teams of two:

A. Bench press 20 x BW 

*** For example, if team mates each weigh 50 kg they need to bench press 2k (2 x 50 x 20). They can use any loading and any rep scheme and divide the work anyway they wish. ***


B.  4x 350 m Run / Sledge pull 75/50 lbs

Team members start each round at the same time. One pulls the sledge, one runs. The team member who runs will rest until the other team member has finished the sledge pull. Alternate every round.


Advanced class:


A. Bench press

3x ME Bench press w. 0,75x BW

Finish each round with ME push-ups


C. 4 Rounds for time:

350 m Sledge pull 135/95 lbs

350 m Run