All Levels:


A. 10 min. for Power snatch technique


B. 15 min. to work up to a heavy 1R of today


C. 3 Rounds for time of:

10 Power snatches 95/65 lbs

20 Wall ball shots 20/14 lbs

10 Power snatches 95/65 lbs

20 Box jumps (step down)

TC. 12 min.



Advanced Class:


A. 5x 5 perfect negative Push-ups


B. 10 min. Power snatch technique warm-up


C. 15 min. to find a heavy Power snatch 1R of today


D. 21-15-9

Row (cal.)

Power snatch 115/75 lbs

Burpee over the erg

TC. 12 min.


E. 50 Snatch grip Sotts presses 45/35 lbs