*** As you have noticed, we haven't posted the workouts in advance this week. The reason behind this is to create awareness about a phenomenon called WOD shopping which purely means picking out the workouts you like and not attending to the ones you don't like. For an individual this usually means attending to classes that support ones strengths and skipping the ones revealing weaknesses. For a CrossFit box this means overbooked classes on some days and coaches sitting around empty box on other days. For the individual this leads to a staggering progress and for the box to class management problems not to forget the fact that we like seeing people achieving their goals and become fitter! So, when you see a workout that you don't like please try it out anyway. It is much more fun to suffer together and hey, the thing you hate today might suck just a little bit less in the future. ***

*** WOD posting will return on Saturday. ***


All Levels:


A. EMOM 10 min. alternating:

3 High box jumps

16 Jumping lunges


B.  EMOM 10 min. alternating:

15 Back extensions

15 Row boats


C. Tabata wall-ball shots 20/14 lbs


D. Tabata KB swings 24/16 kg



Advanced Class:


A. Back squat:

1x4 @ 75%

3x4 @ 80%


B.  EMOM 5 min.

3 High box jumps


C. Every 2 min. for 8 min.:

15 GHD back extensions


D. Tabata T2B


F. Tabata wall-ball shots 20/14 lbs